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"I have been telling stories since I was a young child. Stories about dragons, about my involvement with the CIA, about doing my homework even though I didn't. In those days I got paid for my stories, though never with money.

-SM Hillman


Sean "S.M." Hillman began his first novel at the age of 10. About the same time he also delved into the world of pen & paper role playing games. With his imagination fired, he continued his amateur career as a story teller and world builder. He has been fighting the good fight against Internet trolls since the early 90s and is oldl enough to remember they were that "guy or girl" in High School. If you have an opinion, then he has an opinion on whether yours is correct. 


Originally from Maryland, he now resides in Georgia with partner, their little hatchling, and fierce Sith cat named Minion.

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