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The Fate of Wicked Boys & Diaper Rash

But first my comment about the Hugos.

I know some people lost out who maybe did not deserve to lose out in those categories where no award was given. It is easy for me, a so far unpublished author and game designer to preach to others what is and is not good for the genre of sci-fi/fantasy. Still I think what happened is a good thing. We do need more diversity and we need to take a stand against rabid reactionary recidivism. Cngratulation to those who won, condolences to those who lost and perhaps lost out.

Now, on to the business at hand, i.e. the fate of Wicked Boys.

Wicked Boys is going to get published. At least to begin with this will be self publishing. My hope is that sales, reviews, and word of mouth will lead to more but the story is too good to let go. It deserves to be written. So I am going to write it in installments on Amazon. Right now I see nine parts of about 4 chapters each. I plan to sell them for $1 each so the entire book will be $9 if buy each part (and lets hope that you do). There are disadvantages of course, but I see some advantages to this that make me very confident about the success of the book.

Writing this week has been farily hectic. I am working on several game design projects and personal campaigns as well as many writing projects. Too many. I admit that. Piled on top of my self inflcted budens, the lil Dragon has diaper rash and my wirless keyboard is acting up. So typing this has taken ten minutes more it should have. But now its done and we can all breathe easier.


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