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Post JordanCon Changes

I have to say that JordanCon was a fantastic experience for me. I applied for and was accepted to be the Science Fiction Track Director for the convention when I heard they were looking for someone. I have gone to the convention for 3 years previously because my partner is a huge Wheel of Time fan. She encouraged me to apply for the position and things seemed to go very well.

I will be the first to admit I had a lot of learning to do, but feel the experience over all was definitely worth it. The track had a plethora of great panels but more, it had great guests. I give my guests and attendees all the credit here; they took my raw material and made it sing. Next year will be even better and I am already planning for JordanCon 9 (and why aren't you?).

I picked up our artists Guest of Honor at the airport. John Picacio is first rate and a great conversation. I happily recommend that you find a convention where he will be at and spend some time around this gentleman. The forty minute ride to the hotel and a side trip to get some water; an hour panel on the art of science fiction; and finally a thirty minute drive to drop him off allowed me to an enormous respect for him as a person and artist. John is intense and professional and was a great guest. I was glad to make his acquaintance and appreciated his enthusiasm and advice.

I spent more than a few hours on panels with our author Guest of Honor Catherine Asaro as well. We did not talk about anything heavy between panels as I knew many people at the con would ask her time for that. However, she was a great panelist and engaged with the audience. Just listening to her for six hours or so has made me a better writer and story teller than ever.

I would also be remiss if I did not mention Alan Romanczuk of Team Jordan. The entirety of Team Jordan is amazing, but I had the honor of having Alan at a panel of mine. He was well prepared and friendly and made the panel click in a way I had not quite imagined it could.

So now to the changes part. I have decided to turn Wicked Boys into a novella. I feel that it will work better that way and I can release it as a single item. If people enjoy it I can then work on a full length continuation of the series. I should have it completed (first draft) soon.

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