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The Wicked Library


Here are the works that contain my stories. 


Obscura: An Urban Fantasy Anthology

Magic lurks on the city streets. Sometimes it sparks out in the open. Sometimes it lies obscured by the night. Eight stories in as many flavors of magic casting their light!

You can find my story: The Druid of Market Street, as well as many other great stories in this Urban Fantasy Anthology from Corrugated Sky Publishing!



The Vella Library

Dromeda is a dynamic war machine, trained in the best schools and equipped with the latest under-the-skin accoutrements. But every time Dromeda blows up an enemy dreadnaught, the make a bigger and better one. Her superiors have every faith in their weapons, including Dromeda, but with each passing mission Dromeda is beginning to wonder if the arms race is getting to a point where no one will be able to control it.

Phoben is supposed to be a simple stopover; a few months of showing the flag before the 3rd Chasseurs move onto the real fighting. For Dar it is a chance to reflect on their time in the service and the possibilities of making the military a permanent home. But as usual, the mission the Chasseurs were briefed on is not the one they were brought here for. Phoben has an insurgency that has swallowed more than one regiment and the fire is spreading. Turns out this stopover will not be so simple.

The kafe' of Peregomhen are crowded at night, filled to the walls with old dogs and young wolves, all hungry for the spoils of the city. But Peregomhen isn't what it used to be, its ancient treasures nearly all looted and sold to foreign kings or rich nobles. All that remains are the dreams of glory and a thousand hungry bellies. But below the city are secrets more valuable than silver, guarded by ancient enemies. And hunger breeds desperate acts and desperate decisions.

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