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Welcome to The Wicked Boy Writing

SM Hillman (he/him) is a writer of speculative fiction, game designer, and blogger. His short story The Druid of Market Street can be found in the Obscura anthology and his first novella The Hungry Rain is coming out as part of an apocalyptic anthology from Crone Girls Press. You can find his writer’s blog here, his rpg blog here, and many of his rpg reviews can be found over at E.N. World.


Confronting their suspicions, an exhausted agent must decide if being a professional is worth the interruption of their vacation.

A man will go to the ends of Earth and other dimensions to find the answer to his desperate question.

A tourist trap turns into a story of vengeance as a reporter comes face to face with a forest road where the natural and supernatural collide.

Visiting a world where an impossible language exists, being the skeptic may be the most dangerous choice one can make…

…these and other (mostly) rejected stories await you inside The Language of Skeptics, SM Hillman’s first (of likely many) collection of “Dear Sean Letters” from the pile of rejections every author has. It is a work of speculative fiction, containing science fiction and the fantastic. Maybe a little horror too. Don't believe there is something in here for you? Well, all skeptics to the front of the line. We speak your language.


2023 Convention Schedule

I am always available to chat with while at the con!

Nerdigras 2023

Video Game Director

JordanCon 2023

SF Track Director

ConCarolinas 2023


Multiversecon 2023

PLAY Track Director

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