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First Quarter Blues and JordanCon Wrap Up

Since my last blog I have been going through some writer's block. Might be better to say I have been in a funk or

experiencing the blues. Some of this has been the new day job, which has been busy and lots of undoing of chaos. There have also been two conventions I had to prepare for. One of these was JordanCon, which I will take about below. The other was Nerdigras, where I directed Video Games and helped out with gaming as well. I will talk briefly about Nerdigras too.

But I think there is no logic to writing blocks. You sit down to write and nothing comes out. You sit listening to music that you have listened to dozens if not hundreds of time. You do work to make tomorrow less hectic. You find any number of excuses not to write. You might even sit down to write your blog and feel like such a fraud that you can't even be bothered to remember your password. It is a rough state of mind to be in, but here we are.

I managed earlier this week to write 1k+ words. They were good words and it felt such a relief. You have to remember how good you are at this so that you don't just quit. Well I am not quitting writing and the words will not write themselves. I expect o have more this week and, since you are reading this, I managed to blog. Here is to a return to the writing,

WIP: The Wicked Boys & Other Tales

Sometime this spring or early summer, three original tales of Sword & Sorcery will be available in ebook and paperback. Readers will finally be introduced to the eponymous Wicked Boys, four characters (only three of them 'boys') who are the inspiration for my writing identity. Only one of the stories will be from the Wicked Boys I think, but one never knows.


Nerdigras is a small convention here in Atlanta. As the name suggest, it is a nerd convention, with gaming, burlesque, some panels, vendors and a few authors, and some other things as we expand. I am not 100% sure I will be with the convention next year, much depends on work schedule.

This year was fun though. I got to play Triplanetary for the first time, which was awesome. And I met Steve JAckson, legendary game designer for Steve Jackson Games. Steve was great.


This year was my ninth as the JordanCon Science Fiction Track director. While not as well attended as last year's track, this year was still a success. We seem to have hit a steady state with the track where we get good and occasionally great attendance. We do have a few folks who show up every year. I am not content but I am happy.

Next year will be my tenth year as Track Director (11th year of the track proper) and I want to celebrate it. Have not quite figured out how to do that yet. But I have about ten months.

L8R Chummers


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