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October Update 2023

In the Northern Hemisphere of planet Earth, the seasons are headed towards the autumn, known as Fall, Harvest, or other name for movement away from summer. Temperatures are cooling, boots are on the menu, and pumpkin recipes abound. Of course some people hate the slide into darkness and coolness. In the Southern Hemisphere, these are reversed with an increase in light and warmth.

In some cultures we ascribe magic to this season. The veil thins and our ancestors are close to the real world. Schools often begin around this time and that was exciting (or dreadful) for kids. Some major sports are beginning with American baseball nearing its season end. The World Series, if you celebrate that, is just around the corner.

On a personal note, this is my favorite time of year to start a new ttrpg campaign. The buying of new school supplies worked as a convenient cover for getting rpg supplies, like graph paper and pencils and folders. A sense of wonder permeated the classroom, and since I was in college I could occasionally indulge in missing a class to prep for that night's game.

But for our purposes, October sees the winding down of convention season. In theory Multiversecon will be my last convention, barring some kind of time-space rupture. Or you know, great sales. However, I will be at a local book store to sign copies of The Language of Skeptics on October 28th!

I am the PLAY track director for Multiverse Convention in Atlanta, from October 20th -22nd. We have GEEK tracks, games, lots of authors you may or may not know. Its a fun three days at a small convention that gets better every year.

The Crazy Book Lady

I will be at The Crazy Book Lady in Acworth, GA on October 28th (a Saturday), from 12pm to 4pm. I will be signing copies of the The Language of Skeptics and talking about writing and rpgs to anyone and everyone who comes.

That is my October!

Later, Chummers ~SMH


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