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Language in Wicked Boys

Language is such an important part of writing that we often take it for granted. A writer can make words happen but that does not always translate the unique dialects of their work. I love language but I will admit that I am no linguist. I very much make up language as I go, relying on odd combinations of letters that would make even a Welshman cringe. In fact it was not until I began writing Wicked Boys this time around that its language and dialect began to fall into place. I imaginen the language of the later chapters will be different from that at the beginning and I will need to go back andn edit that.

What's in a name?

The main characters of Wicked Boys all have names that bear a closer look.

Markho is fairly simple but its common in the lands he comes from, which are very far away from where he is now. That is important as it sets him up as an outsider in theh greater society of the Southern Crescent.

Saja is not simple at all. It is pronounced "Say-a" but was almost "Sasha". I felt Sasha was a little too common a name. Saja also hales from lands far from the Southern Crescent, but her people have been coming here for generations and so her pale complexion is not uncommon nor her name. I have not named her people yet, but having a "j" stand in for a "y" is helping me get an idea of who they are.

It is Cerydus and Agxis that have the truly complex names. I think Cerydus actuall wins the award so far for most complex and I am not sure how his people who are a dark skinned folk of poets and pirates have names that are inspired by Welsh. Again though, this is helping me to develop his background more fully and shows language can make culture as opposed to the other way around. For te record it is pronounced "Caare-ee-daze".

But Agxis is the name that truly got my brrain thinking about language. It is pronounced "Aegis" and how exactly that worked did not become clear until I created another Torlean. Her name is Okx or "Oak". So the "x" makes the previous vowel long and is itself otherwise silent. The Torlean people are not one culture unto themselves, but a mixture of magical traditions and conquered realms. This meta culture has adapted new naming conventions to help newcomers absorb more quickly into the culture. It is possible that Agxis and Okx are not those characters true names. I suppose you have to read to find that out. :)

I will be talking more about language as I go and as the dialect of Wicked Boys develops.


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