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August Wickedness

August has arrived! I wanted to update everyone on what I am working on and some upcoming blog ideas. We have some exciting news about a podcast I am starting up this month as well.

Zero Exposition

I will be starting up my podcast, Zero Exposition, in August (2023 for posterity). This podcast will focus on the writing itself, mostly on prose though I may slip into other things from time to time. I also hope to cast a spotlight on other Indie authors, spreading the light around. Stay tuned for more information later this week or next.

Streaming Live!

Right now, I am planning on a Live Reading of stories from The Language of Skeptics. I will also read from some works in progress. This is tentative for Wednesday, August 9th at 8pm. The stream will be on YouTube. It will be on the same channel as I will be posting the Podcasts.

Zero Conventions

We have no conventions going on this month and I will not be at DragonCon in September. However, I will be putting my credentials in for a few conventions this month. I will update on which ones once I have a better idea!

Works in Progress

A quick overview of what I am working on:

Cannibal Row (cyberpunk / SpecFic) - An Atlanta detective is on the case of a mysterious murder related to the consumption of human flesh.

Mabon: Mother & Crone (Sword & Sorcery) - A collection of novelettes centered around the titular character

Fishwives' Tales (Sword & Sorcery) - A novel about women of humble beginnings finding their place through an unexpected adventure.

...and many short stories.

Social Media Changes

I will be moving away from Twitter (X) and am not on Blue Sky. You can click here and follow me if you want.

More later, Chummers!

~SMH - 08/02/2023


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