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The Toils of Persephone

This is short but sweet little writing. is accepting novellal submissions from anyone and everyone until May 31st. I know it means time taken away from Wicked Boys but I have to take that chance. So I am writing a novella called The Toils of Persephone. Here is a quick bit...

Cora Grof had prepared for war with the Eridani Nation her entire career. She is one of many young officers who had grown up knowing the previous war had solved nothing and a new war would be needed to finish the work of the old. Yet instead of being sent to the frontlines or released for raiding duty, Captain Grof is ordered to 70 Virginis and the unaligned Caliphate Worlds to offer the protection of the Hegemony. That protection is little more than a Marine regiment and a small group of ships centered on Grof’s Antonov.

When she arrives Cora is startled to find a civilization that rejects her, her society and everything she values. For the people of the Caliphate know any alliance could spell an end to their centuries old way of life. The people are also very aware that their own defenses are meager and Grof’s force is inadequate for its task. A task that will very soon be upon them all as the Eridani forces close their ring around 70 Virginis, a system Cora Grof has been ordered to hold at all costs.

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