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New Inkshares Contest, New Book

So I want to talk about where I am at with my writing. All of it is positive and good.

So Wicked Boys did not get funded on Inkshares. So whose fault is that? Mine. I had to move fast because of the contest and I did not to get build the kind of support for it I needed. That is okay. You live and learn. This kind of avenue is just as much about luck and good writing as a traditional approach. So a little more hard work on my part I think will help with next time.

Speaking of next time...

Now the Nerdist is holding a contest, basically the same as the Sword & Laser contest. It has already started and I am a few days behind, but that's okay. I want to get a good base beneath me before laaaaane project. Go ahead and check it out on Inkshares.

Speaking of Inkshares, go ahead over to my page for The Faceless and become a follower!


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