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Day One: How I feel & How I really feel

So Day One was fantastic and I really could not be happier. If this keeps up I will be in the top ten in a little over a week. From there, it is on to victory! I feel very good about The Faceless and feedback so far has been pretty good. All very positive.

I have also managed to add a total of eight people to Twitter since yesterday. That is an amount that could sky rocket as well based on my actions, marketing, and hitting the right people at the right time.

I have to say though that success on Inkshares, while welcome and sought after, will come with its own set fo bttersweet emotions. A great deal of the process of getting published is luck. In many cases you have to make your own or at least be prepared to take advantage of the luck once it presents itself. I have not always been the best at that. Yet I still yearn for the benchmarks and the things many witers want: recognition of my craft and a big fat contract to enable me to write for a living. :) I readily admit the former is more important than the latter, but that does not mean the latter is not important.

I suppose it is about a feeling of legitimacy. Am I really good or am I really lucky? Will I ever feel good enough no matter what happens? These are questions that haunt me.

More over, being an introvert who hates taking money, I find myself troubled by the process. I appreciate everyone who is not so troubled and has invested in me so far. I feel like the faith we have all put into this will finally pay off.


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