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Contest & Other News

So things are progressing well with most of my writing projects right now. THE FACELESS is getting fantastic feedback and other projects are falling into place. I wanted to go ahead and update folks on what they can look forwad to.

Wicked Boys Part One A Tempting Offer

This is Chapters 1-4 of Wicked Boys. My plan is to publish it on Amazon. I am committed to finishing the whole book that way so dont worry if parts dont come at regular intervals. It will all get done.

Tales of the Ch'yrrade War

This will be a series of short stories about the war that may include some of the characters from THE FACELESS. The first story, Nina's Riposte will be free and available here, the rest will be published on Amazon I guess.

The Contest

Name a Character!

Once I have 100 readers on Inkshares, that is 100 unique readers who have pre-ordered the book, I will pick one of those names and that person can name a character in the book who gets some actual lines and air time. In fact I think I know the one you will get to name, so Pre Order and get your friends to Pre Order!

I will put up the official notice on the website later today.


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