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Working on Chapter Five and Remembering

So this is a tough emotional day for many Americans. It is difficult for me too, but in different ways. I have been both blessed and cursed to with a pragmatic view of life, though I admit breaks down when someone close to me is lost. I would be devastated if my daughter were to meet some tragic end and doubt I could be pragmatic about it. However, don't mistake my pragmatism in the face of pain and adversity as either indifference or someone who has not suffered these kinds of losses. My own personal Odyssey is full of lost friends and I want go into more of it than that. The point is I am not indifferent to the people who died on 9/11. I am indifferent to the buildings of the World Trade Center and the symbology of New York. You do know people died when their plane crashed into a field in Penssylvania? You do know people died when a plane struck the Pentagon? I am highly critical of the terrorists' plan, but in one glaring way they have succeeded beyong measure: they have blinded us to the important things.

I don't care about the buildings. I don't care about the city. I do care about the people IN the buildings and the brave men and women who died or were hurt trying to save them. Despite all of our protestations to the contrary, those really are not the people we celebrate. Terrorists broke one of our toys. Yes sure, people were inside but terrorists broke one of our monuments to our greatness! We focus on that so much and it is everything that is wrong with America. That is not a political statement btw, as the left and right and the center suffer from the very same things. It is commentary about us a nation and how Roman we are in our arrogance. But those buildings can be replaced. The people cannot and with our poor ability to preserve accurate history in twenty years no one will remember PA or DC. All that will be remembered is NYC and the WTC and to me that is a travesty.

I had not realized how much of Isaac's story is in some ways similar. He has the opposite problem though; Isaac cannot see beyond his lost family members to the people around him. Many of them have also suffered but in his world, there is no room for that. Their suffering is their problem. Itis a callous view of the Universe brought on by tragedy. Can he overcome that? Well that is why I am writing the book. I really don't know if he will or not. Plus I have to keep my readers in suspense. :)

As a writer I realize I need to make deadlines. As a writer I realize I will miss them. Chapter Five of THE FACELESS wont be out today, but it will be by Monday. Some of it was life things and some of it was writers block. This chapter will actually show some combat. In fact it should be pretty action packed. I need to do more research and perhaps have an interview or two with actual soldiers who serve or served in the artillery so I get this right. If you know someone, let me know!


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