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THE FACELESS FRIDAY - Its a Draft and Expertise

So Chapter Five is done. It was hard to write for a number of reasons, some of which I have explained and the others I will get to in a moment. Still I feel like its a great chapter, the first we see of combat and we get a sense of Isaac in command.

I have to remind myselfl that this is a draft. I have to remind myself I never served in the artillery. I am not an expert by any means on the nomenclature and procedures. I hope to get some expert opinions to help me make that portion of the combat more authentic. Of course that comes with its own set of issues. As you may or may not have guessed, THE FACLESS is a meaningul and informative title. It is a commentary of a sort. War is hell and no matter how much you watch movies or play video games or even, like in my case have to fight for you life at times in your past, its not the same. That does not mean that people who have never been in a war as either a combatant or non combatant cannot empathize or imagine what its like. It just means that the experience is different than the theory as more than a few generals over the years have found out.

I want military people to read the book and feel comfortable and respected. I have a story to tell and its not alwasy pretty, but that does not mean I have to run over thousands of years of history and tradition, nor dishonor people in the process. Its important to me to do this right.

Chapter Five is not there yet. It will be and going forward the chapters will be better. I like Chapter Five, dont get me wrong, but it needs some seasoning and a ittle TLC. I hope you enjoy it.


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