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THE FACELESS Friday - 50 Day Push

So we are headed to the last 50 days (53 to be exact) of the Inkshares. We have a long way to go to get this book published. I should have Chapter Six out this week. This last 50 days I am going to be working the pipeline and hoping I reach that threshold where the book just sells itself. This thing is good, very good, as you already know if you read it. Both Wicked Boys and THE FACELESS suffer not from my lack of writing skill, but my meager Marketing-fu. It is okay. I am learning.

Speaking of Wicked Boys, I have begun working on the revised Chapter One. I will work on it after Chapter Six of THE FACELESS is done and up for readers. I am hoping I get all four chapters of part one written for Wicked Boys before November comes along. That way it can be off to an editor while I work on my NanoWrimo.

Speakinh of Nanowrimo... this year it is a fantasy in the form of an old school 70s or 80s or 90s Mercedes Lackey or Andre Norton. The title of the book is Sages of Ign (pr. ein). I will write it as a stand alone, but with an eye towards more stories in the world.

I do not have my gaming blog up and running yet, but when I do I will link it here.

So go out and tell your friends about THE FACELESS! Lets get to 1000 pre orders!

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