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I get political... but its solution oriented


So I wrote the President a letter. I doubt he or anyone will read it, but here it is. I am sure everyone will hate my solution but finding a solution is far better than pointing fingers.

Dear Mr. President

I hope this finds you well and not too stressed by the events of the day. I personally am avoiding a great deal of social media because people are typically being mean spirited and not very civil to one another.

One of the themes I see running around is a group of people who call for helping our veterans before we help refugees. To be honest I suspect that the majority of people who say things like that never think of our veterans unless it is politically expedient to do so. On the other hand many of those seeking refuge for the refugees do not think of those people until it fits their personal agenda. I am not here to lay blame or point fingers, we have too much of that already. As Americans with the power to vote and affect policy, we are collectively responsible for our nation's actions.

What I am here to say is I feel I have a solution that could provide relief for both groups of people.

To put it simply, we could reactivate those veterans who are homeless, unemployed, or underemployed. Obviously it would be voluntary and the veteran would need to be physically and mentally capable. This would be a strictly NON Combat deployment for these men and women. They would not be armed or expected to "police" the refugees. Instead they would help process and build shelters, find shelter for the refugees. At the same time they would be building and finding shelter for themselves and those veterans who were not physically or mentally capable of helping. At the same time, there are no doubt many health care professionals among the refugees as well as people who just want to help. We could ask the help our veterans through creating a community and a purpose. Indeed we could ask the refugee families to "adopt" a veteran and possibly even live together. A sense of purpose and family could provide dignity to both groups. Additionally, man of our veterans have experience dealing with the indigenous of the Middle East.

I see this as a program that could begin a general healing for all involved and create a bridge between these groups and the general populace. Many of the refugees will make America their home. Many of veterans do not have a home or job. By giving them work and a salary with benefits and some dignity, we can ease some of the tension of the current events.

Sincerely Me...

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