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That Awkward Moment Where I ask for Money... pt3

So here we are again with another Inkshares contest. If I can stay in the top 10 for a week or two that would give me great exposure. With Chapter 2 going up later today that can only help. My problem is going from "Hey that's cool" to "Shut up and take my money!". These non traditional methods of getting published also require luck and exposure, but I am no good at asking friends or strangers to bet on my head.

I know I am a good writer, great world builder, and great storyteller. I KNOW I am and it is still difficult. Every moment spent trying to market my writing seems like time I could have spent digging ditches for minimum wage to satisfy myself that I am working hard. I AM working hard, but when you are not building pyramids or curing cancer it does not feel like it.

I know I need to get over it. I am not a villain, I am an artist marketing his stuff... yeah sure.


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