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An Update on All The Things

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it finds you well. I know for many of us its time to get back to work and so I am doing just that. I did take a bit of a writing break over the holidays so not a lot got done. Well now I am back in the saddle.

I want to update yuu first on The Sages of Ign. I did not meet the 50k word count for NanoWrimo but that really is not the point. The point is to hone your writing skills and I did that. I love my writing but The Sages of Ign is, in my honest opinion, some of my best work so far. I will post an excerpt of it at some point, though right now I am working hard on other projects (see below).

Just to let you know I am the Science Fiction track director for Jordan Con 2016 (and assuming I do well, that will continue for years to come). You should come to Jordan Con even if you are not a fan of Robert Jordan's work. There are other great authors there and the convention is expanding past just the initial fandom. In many ways I suppose it is a nice legacy for Robert Jordan that he has inspired so many people to engage in speculative story telling. Also there is gaming. some costuming, and great guests of honor every year.

Okay, so to update you folks on my plans for the new year as far as writing, check out my latest Inkshares update.


I wanted to go ahead and update the readership on what the plan is going forward with The Garden of Oroborous as well as THE FACELESS and Wicked Boys. I am not sure we can overcome the distance in the current Sword & Laser contest. It would be great if we can, but I am looking forward with tGoO. We have 54 days left to achieve a publishing level and I think this is very doable. So I am working on Chapter 3 (slowly and carefully) and will have that up near the beginning of next week. I am considering some promotional ideas for it as well and hope to have a big push beginning next Monday.

The FACELESS did not reach its goals as far as pre-orders. However, it has exceeded my expectations in regard to its potential. My plan right now is to finish Chapter 6, put that up here for people to read, and then see how Wicked Boys does in self publishing. Ideally it will catch the eye of one publisher or another and I can pitch THE FACELESS to them for a more traditional publishing route. The other options are self publishing it as well or trying again here on Inkshares. The book has a future though and one way or another will see the light of day.

Now, for Wicked Boys. Ideally I will finish Wicked Boys Part One: The Onset of Night by the end of January and have it to my editor. I would love that process to take less than two weeks of back and forth, which means a publishing date in late February or early March. The Onset of Night will be the first four chapters (approximately 12k words) of Wicked Boys. I plan on selling each section for a $.99 and there will be about ten sections. So this process will be ongoing. I imagine it will take about 18 months to publish the entire novel in this way, but at the end it will be a great piece of fantasy literature and readers can collect all ten parts. Once all ten are published I will publish the entire novel as one book.

I appreciate all of my readers and the feedback that I get. I am forging forward in this great quest to live the life of the starving artist and am glad you have chosen to come along for the ride.


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