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The Plan Going Forward

Over the past year, despite not yet being published, my writing has undergone some radical changes. The future of a career in writing fiction is pretty bright and I am very encouraged. With this in mind I am as noted previously going to go with self publishing for now. Wicked Boys will be my first novel and it will be written in installments, ten I think, over the period of I hope no more than ten months. I am setting a deadline of June 6th for myself to get the first one up on Amazon. The idea is not to become rich, though that never hurts, but to get people talking about my writing and storytelling skills. Inkshares has been a great experience and I am not abandoning the site at all, but for me this seems like the best way forward.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Wicked Boys follows the titular group of mercenaries on an adventure in the cities of the Southern Crescent. Well known and often tested, the Wicked Ones (as they are called) will find themselves caught up in the politics of the southern cities and up against foes who can match them. I really love the characters and the story and I hope readers will as well.

In the mean time, I will be refining both THE FACELESS and The Garden of Oroborous and getting both prepared to be sent out to publishers. THE FACELESS may very well go the self publishing route as well, but Garden of Oroborous deserves a shot at traditional publishing if I can manage it. Indeed all of them, as well as my other novels deserve that; this is good stuff. There just comes a time when you need to make the right decision for the time and place.

At the same time I havesome exciting news on my game design front. Check it out here.

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