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Catching Up with 52 in 52

So I wanted to catch everyone up on my projects and where they stand. Plus my 52 in 52 self improvement journey.

Right now I am working on my Nanowrimo, called Mabon, Mother, and Crone (or Mabon: Mother and Crone - have not decided). It is going to be novella in length (about 50k words) and include four short stories about Prince Mabon. Mabon is the daughter of a fire giant and a human queen of the north lands. She has many adventures.

Concurrently I am working on a novella for the latest submissions. It is called The Sea is Also Salt and tells the story of four scholar adventurers in a non-European land and world. In some ways it is an rpg adventure, but well written and with some feeling.

So last year after JordanCon I decided I would embark on a 52 in 52 Journey. In essence I would choose a few places in my life I wanted to improve and attempt 52 tasks in each in 52 weeks. This includes blogging and writing, weight loss, and reading as well as a few others. Well so far so... so.. lol It has been a learning experience and I do feel better about myself. I still have a long way to go though.


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