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Catching Up & Writing

I need to get my crap together if I am going to make a living out of this writing and game design thing. I mean I did pretty good in 2019-2020 in terms of making strides, sending out stories, actually writing. But it is not enough. I have it in me to be prolific and I need to make that happen. Short stories and novels. Finishing ideas. Conventions will be hungry for writers come the time when we can all meet in person again and I want to have some credibility when I put myself out there to be considered a guest.

Okay so I sent off a short called Broken Home to the Zombies Need Brains folks for their Derelict anthology. I should know by end of February or beginning of March if that pans out. If not that might be the last story for my pile of rejections going into Dear Sean Letters. I am putting together an anthology of my rejected stories. Well of my best rejected stories lol. I mean they may really stink, but someone could buy them. I need to work on Vacuum of Battle and finish it finally, as well as Mabon, Mother, & Crone. Also, Bourbon & Djinn. See? Lots of projects for the year.

But I want to set myself a real goal of writing one book for me, other than MMC. I have so many good ideas rattling around in my head, but I want to choose one that I can self-publish. I have a few I could send to the trad route too, but that is for later. Maybe this summer. Right now I want to work on something that speaks to me.

For the moment I am doing what I call 8 in 8. Eight short stories in eight weeks, written, edited, and sent off to a market. For me it is a good exercise to do. Maybe for you too?

As always, keep pursuing your dreams. Success is out there for all of us.



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