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Change of Seasons

Writing goes in cycles. At least my writing does. My tastes are often seasonal. For some reason spring and summer are my science fiction muses, with fall and winter leaning towards fantasy. Movies I see or books I read or discussions I have can shift the orbit of these tastes. And there is no absolute defining idiom or genre for each season. They are general moods and muses.

Now that I am into the summer months, if not official summer, I am nothing that the muse is a little out of whack. It might be that having written some horror lately, that they muse wants to shift around and maybe even upset that balance. I have two SF projects under way and some fantasy as well. But horror and urban fantasy are calling out to me, to finish what I have started.

The muses may be shifting, especially as I get more published credits under my belt. If writing were a full time gig, I might do a better job of wrangling them, but as it is I just have to deal with the changing muses as best I can.



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