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May/June Update

Well we do have some great news! Pre-Orders for The Language of Skeptics, at least the e-book, are live! This is a big deal, my first self-published work. The Language of Skeptics is a collection of six stories, five of which had been submitted and rejected at least once. After a few re-writes, I have combined them with a new story to show some of my favorite pieces of writing.

Right now the link only has the e-book listed but by next week it will have the paperback as well.

Am I excited? Well, you bet I am. This is a big moment. My constant readers will be able to buy something I have written. Self-publishing is not easy, though its easier than it was ten years ago. I am trying to make sure I cross all my i's and dot my T's. I am also bracing myself for the negative comments. In many ways, the Dear Sean Letters, the various "Nice story, but its not for us" comments I have received have been useful and kind. But those days are over. I am trying to armor myself now, for when the negative begins to roll in.

By the same token, the first five-star review I get will see me jump for joy and spreading that shite around the entire Internet! So be prepared.

The Language of Skeptics will come out on May 31st, 2023.

Do I need to explain why I support the WGA? Writers don't, for the most part, earn what our art is worth. And Hollywood loves screwing over everyone, but especially writers. Our system is screwed up and if I have to wait a few months for new content, so be it. I will wait. And so should you.

I will be at ConCarolinas 2023 in the beginning of June. I hope to have some books with me when I am there. Come by, support the con, and buy some books!

Later, Chummers



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