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Good News On Monday

I won't make you wait. My short novella (or novelette if you prefer), The Hungry Rain, has been accepted into an anthology. All the details on that next week as I do not want to speak out of turn. Suffice to say I am excited and honored that this, my longest piece published it will be, has been accepted. I have recently become acquainted with the editor / publisher and I enjoy their work and respect the hard work I see them put into these projects. So I am excited to be working with someone I have a lot of respect for. I was fortunate with my first story as well in much the same way.

For me it is a boost of confidence. I have no delusions that The Hungry Rain was born without any literary sins, but I put a great deal of work into it and that it has found a home makes me feel pretty good about me. And this is important for new writers; that boost of confidence you get with each new story or each new success.

What's up, Vella?

The first episode of Crone of Swords is live. However, Vella is not available to readers yet, so that stinks. It does give me time to get the three free episodes up and one for-pay episode for each of the three series. I have not really decided on what series three will be, but I have a firm grip on the first two and on the writing schedule. Once I have all three begun, I will update one each week, so it will have a three week cycle. When it is time for release, I will make sure I have links for all of them.

Working on Vacuum of Battle and my Crystal Lake submission, Seven Minute Road this week. Editing on Epilogue continues as well.



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