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June New Business

June is one of those transitional months. Right now it is raining outside of my window and we may get more rain in the first week of June than we received all of May. Mask restrictions are coming down but I am going to continue to wear a mask for some time. One reason is that many people cannot have the vaccine and many people will not get it. While I do not agree with the opinions of the latter group, I still do not feel that I should put them at risk in case I carry the virus around. Will people laugh and roll their eyes? Sure, of course they will. But my opinion is an educated one and I intend to stand by it. It will not be the last time people laugh at me.

If you are of a mind to, check out my latest Poetry Monday.

That is old business. Let us talk about new business.

Work continues on Vacuum of Battle, the military SF novel I am working on with A.K. DuBoff. Make sure to check her books and series as they are wonderful reads. Vacuum of Battle is the first book in a trilogy.

I figured out the third series I want to write for Kindle Vella. This third one is a hardish space opera called Shatter. In fact as soon as we are done here I will be finishing up the first episode, making a graphic, and putting it on Vella. Time for to do that I think. See you next week!



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