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March/April Update: Hard Choices

Very soon I will be sending out a newsletter, maybe in April or May. Likely May. Until then, I am going to use my blog as psuedo-newsletter. My Monday blogs will be informative, telling you about what is going on with me. During the week subsequent blogs will be on topics that interest me and hopefully you as well.

Personal News

I do not have much to say on a personal level. Everything is going well at home. My child has their spring break soon and that means working with them at home. It works better than you might think. The cats are doing well and my partner is close to the end of her Masters degree.

Where to Find Me in March / April

In March I was at Nerdigras and yesterday I was on This Week In Indies. Nerdigras was a complete success for year one. We did managed to have some arcade cabinets for folks to play. The Ms. Pac-man tournament was fun to watch, though my participation turned out to be a dud. I am terrible at these games.

The link for the most recent This Week In Indies (the 26th) is not up, but here is the one from the 5th where I participated.

Of course the big event in April is JordanCon! As you (may) know I run the SF Track at the convention. Very proud this years roster. If you are going, look me up and come hang in the SF Track room.

Works in Progress

No, they are not finished. Its why they are works in progress.

Epilogue (novella) - 2nd draft 50%

Vacuum of Battle (novel) - 1st draft 50%

The Sea is Also Salt (Shorts collection) - 1st draft 10%

Check out my author's page in Amazon to keep up with my Kindle Vella series.

Later, choombas


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