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The balloons represent nuclear warheads... get it?

SM Hillman is a speculative fiction writer, game designer, and cynical observer of the human animal. Your mileage will vary.

When I was a kid, we had our own balloon stories. The first and the best for us Cold War kids was Nena's 99 Red Balloons (or Luftballoons if you prefer). Its a great song that provides social

commentary on the ongoing Cold War, where Germans (and others to be sure) were on the front line. Its a catchy song that also manages to be poignant. Previously, there was a balloon escape from East Germany in 1979. I imagine folks do not remember a ton about it. They made a movie about that, which is where I first remember hearing about it. These two events are not the only moments from my youth that were worthy talking about, but they are an example of the odd world we lived in. And representative of our world, in general.

We Are The Commentators Of Our Time

The tradition of writers and poets and playwrights being commentators on the world they inhabited is a tradition that spans thousands of years and likely tens of thousands of humans. One benefit of blogging and social media is that it allows anyone to comment on their world. Not every opinion is as thoroughly researched, vetted, thought out, and written though, so it pays to have some chops as a writer. And as writers, I always felt that in every story, essay, blog, or poem that we should be making commentary. In fact I dare say we cannot help but do so. That even the rejection of social commentary is a choice that says a great deal about you and your world.

I know its Scary

The Lone Gunmen is the reboot I want to believe in

World tensions are nothing to scoff at. And I know it can be scary to consider what is going on. But one way to control that fear is to take control of the events in your writing. I often write to try and make sense of the bullshit around me. I have already been brainstorming on what could balloons from our trade partners in China might be filled with. The possibilities are endless! So don't the scary times pass by you, uncommented in. You may find it takes the edge off the anxiety.



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