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Multiversecon 2021 Postscript

I spent last weekend running one half of the PLAY (Gaming) track at Multiversecon 2021. If you have not been to MVC, I cannot recommend this convention enough. Before you point out that saying that is largely self-serving, which is true, I think you need to remember that I go to conventions to work, first. Socialization and seeing friends is secondary, even when I am at a convention where a huge portion of the people are my people. And from my working, not playing perspective, I can see people having a good time. Feedback from those who are attending is universally good. Most of the feedback has been wanting more of the same, not making huge changes. It is a place where folks feel safe to be themselves, but still someplace to let your hair down and have some shenanigans.

As an inclusive convention experience, MVC is A++. As a literary convention where writers and artists and smart people converge, MVC is again A++. There is a large and diverse artistic community that comes to this con and participates and things are only going to get better.

My Con Weekend

I was in my track room quite a bit, but that is my typical MO. In three cases I was either monitoring another track or participating on two panels. Both of those panels were great and I was able to be a "guest" for a couple hours. This is practice of course for when I start sending out apps to be a guest, maybe next year, and how to interact with other guests and be a good guest. One of the panels was on SF Saturday Morning Cartoons and the other was on the graphic novel/film The Old Guard and Immortality. That one went deep into the weeds and traveled some philosophical space.

Of the PLAY track panels, none of them were disappointing. The demos seemed well received and our attendee who played the Kill Team demo streamed it! That was fantastic. Guests were great and I will take this moment to thank you all again for being great guests. Big shout out to Critical Bits Podcast for the enthusiasm and support for the weekend.

Special Thanks

Jesse, Allie, and Richard - for the passion and taking what you do seriously. And putting up with me as part of the team

Phil & Jason - Phil for being a fantastic fellow director and Jason for helping out in the track room and the gaming space.

Shaunnon - For showing up and bringing games and doing an excellent turn as a volunteer

Nicole - Thank you for letting me on your panels.

Gerald - We never drink enough together. I need to step up my game.

Paige - Thank you for the kind words and reminding me a I pretty good at this writing thing.

Crone Girls

As you can see I got my Crone Girls Press, author pin. I think that means I am twice as official now! If I have not mentioned it prior to this, my novella Hungry Rain will be appearing in the Invisible Sun - Midnight Bites anthology. Go check out Crone Girls - Rachel Brune takes publishing seriously and the anthologies are good.

If I did not mention you by name, do not take it as a slight. All of the moments spent with friends (and strangers) meant a lot to me. Five out of Five D6 recommend you sign up to be a guest or attend or volunteer for Multiversecon 2022.

Later, chummers.


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