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November: Remember - Its NanoWrimo

Yes it is that month again. It is the annual Nanowrimo writing thing for writers. I have been involved since 2005 and the experience has been very good for me as a writer. In many years I had lost focus and faith in myself, but when November rolls around it lights a fire. At least it does for me. Many authors abandon it or embrace the theme in asymmetrical ways or do Nano adjacent projects. At times I even note a certain disdain in some of their replies or commentary on Nano.

Everyone has to do for them what works. But Nanowrimo is not (just) for recent writers or casual writers. It is a powerful challenge, but a challenge of the self. Do you want to write? If so, taking on the Nano commitment is a good way to gauge your own level of friction.

Life often creates friction for us. I do not think there is any flavor of writer for which this is not true. Overcoming that friction can be difficult and I suspect life long. When we challenge ourselves, we find the speed and rhythm to overcome that friction, step around and over it, and maybe even eliminate it entirely. At least in terms of the frictions that we create for ourselves.

I know for myself, it is still a struggle. I miss deadlines. I over create to ease the tension of the fear of failure. Nano has helped me battle that and it might help you as well. Are you just someone who wishes they could journal their life? Writing every day in November is a good way to get that habit off the ground.

Bannerox (banner-oh)

This is a re-write of Brass Hats from a few years ago. The story has changed significantly, though it will need a hard edit. It is sword & sorcery. It is Black Company inspired. And so far I think it is some of my best writing. Right now I am around 14k words, a bit behind but I can make it up I think. A few big days will get me back on target.



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