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October 2021 Update

Time to catch everyone up on what has been happening or is in the works. I know it has been a few months and the reason for that is that I have started a new job as an operations analyst for a education / testing company. I love my job and the people I work with, but it takes up a lot of time. I am now finding a good balance and at least will be able to get some short stories written. It may be time for another 8 in 8 self challenge.


I am writing a second draft of Epilogue. This means it won't be out before 2022, which stinks but I am not going to just self-publish total crap. It is not a total re-write, but I think enough changes need to be made that I had to go into another draft mode.

Vacuum of Battle

I am looking to be done this by year's end. I love the characters I created and the way they inhabit A.K. DuBoff's Cadicle Universe.

The Rot of Sorcery

Have I mentioned that this will be a duology? Well if I didn't, then now I have. Rot of Sorcery might end up as the duology name. Again, I really love my characters and I think you will as well. I am going to dial back the years to when fantasy was weird and liberally dipped in some science.

Vella Projects

These really suffered. I was hoping to have them rolling by the time MultiverseCon came around. Well they are not. I may be able to get them into some kind of shape by the end of the week, but we shall see.

...speaking of Multiverse...

I will be once again directing the demo and panel portion of the PLAY track at Multiversecon. Pre-reg has ended so I am not sure if folks can still get in or not, but its a great convention and you can feel good about supporting it. I may have something there for people to grab. We shall see.

And that is all peoples! More updates around the corner, including this year's NanoWrimo plan.


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