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Summer Turns to Autumn

...and asks her to turn down the awful racket.

I return, your inconsistent writer of blogs and things. I always hope for greater consistency but life has a way of draining your mental and often physical resources. But for this author, the season of falling leaves, candy pumpkins, and witches clothed in black is the time of year for renewals and new beginnings. As we tumbled towards colder and shorter days, my own cycle begins anew.

Today I am just going to wax poetic for a bit, saving the tough topics for next time. This summer saw a lot of writing from me but the stories all remain unfinished. Epilogue and Vacuum of Battle are both very close to being done; The Rot of Sorcery not so much. And I did start all 8 of my 8 in stories but I missed several deadlines because I had trouble bringing the stories to satisfying conclusions. That said, I do love all 8 stories. Some of them are headed to The Sea is Also Salt, a short story collection I am going to roll out next year.

In good news, I have plotted out some of the ideas for a new SF series I want to write. Much more hard SF than Epilogue and its sequels will be. The first book of the series will be Pollen Season and I am excited about the possibilities. I have also begun work on a one-off (I think) novel called The Blood Shepherds. Its got blood sucking protagonists and antagonists but its not a vampire novel. Well, not your typical vampire novel.

Last and best announcement is that as usual, I will am the director of PLAY at Multiversecon. Multiverse is the weekend of October 14th - 16th and although I won't have books this weekend, I will be on a few non-PLAY panels as well. The con is here in Atlanta and you should make plans to attend.

That is all for now. Next time I'll whack you with the politics and how we can (and should) turn our political experiences into stories.



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