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Trying Something New...Again (Oct 2022)

Time for some real talk. Happy Halloween. Okay now time for real talk.

I have a problem finishing. No, you naughty lot, not like that!. When it comes to my stories and projects I have a hard time bringing it to a close if I began the project. I can bring it home if I am the closer (ref: baseball), but man it is difficult to go the full game by myself. It has been a life long struggle with procrastination and if I am going to be successful, I need to fix it.

So I am going to try a few things:

  • Daily Word Goals - on screen notes that I can keep easy track of

  • Instagram - daily building of my brand

  • Focusing - Putting aside some projects I do not need to worry about right now.

  • Being Honest About My Struggles - This. Right here.

Truth is, I have tried man, maybe all of these before. Every year. At some point it is going to stick.

Nanowrimo starts tonight at midnight. I did an outline for the book. I committed myself to this novel which will begin a series. I am going to post about it tomorrow.


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