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What's Going On?

I do love this song and the title is appropriate as I catch you folks up with what is going on with my writing.

Right now I am working on the usual subjects, with Epilogue and Fishwives tales taking the spotlight. This past week I made way on a novella called Starnivale; which will be submitted I am hoping later this spring. Before June in any case. And for a May submission I wrote a flash fiction piece tentatively called Want To, Have To. The terror of committing atrocities is difficult to write, but I think its worth giving it a go. Words are at their best when they make us uncomfortable.

The big news, such as it is, is that I am bringing back the 8 in 8 short story challenge. I will make a separate post for the 8 in 8 but if you have never heard of me doing it, it is the challenge of writing 8 short stories in 8 weeks and sending them out to the world.

And that is it for this week.


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