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Works In Progress for January

I want to keep folks up to date on what I am working on. I may do this once a month or once a week, depending.

Flash Fiction

Dreamwight - going to be sent off this week(1/4/2021)


Broken Home - sent off to be considered for Zombies Ned Brains' Derelict anthology

Connor Street - An urban myth/Twilight Zone type of short that needs editing and a market to send it to

Shorts Anthology

Dear Sean Letters - I am going to repurpose my favorite rejected short stories. Right now I am choosing which stories to keep, discard, and re-write.


Mabon, Mother, & Crone - a series of three novelettes detailing the adventures of Mabon, Prince, King, & Daughter to Giants & Sidhe.

Epilogue - Part 1 of I think 5 in a scifi series of novellas.


Vacuum of Battle - working on a collaboration in with Amy Duboff for three novels set in her universe

The Chaos Eye - a novel which is the first part of a trilogy about a hunter with gifts and the end of society

Griswald's Toys - This has been a WIP since 2011. Mary Poppins meets Frankenstein and F's monster.

Bourbon & Djinn - A novel length continuation from my short The Druid of Market Street.


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