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Have you heard of Kindle Vella? Amazon describes it as a storytelling option, which it is. It is also a way for them to make money, obviously. But for the evil empire to make its cash, readers will have to read and writers will have to write. I am going to be taking advantage of this as a writer, and I hope you will do the same as a reader. If readers do not take advantage of it, writers will be left holding the bag.

I do want to make a living as a fiction writer (and game designer) and while this will (likely) not make me rich, I see it as a opportunity to not only get my writing in front of a larger audience, but to work on the relationship between writer and reader. Creating an audience for my writing is a good thing.

I will actually be launching three ongoing series using Vella. The first two are Chassis, a military sf series about soldiers and insurgency, and Crone of Swords, a (I hope) rollicking sword & sorcery adventure about... swords and sorcery.

In addition, on my patreon, I am serielizing my novel The Sages of Ign. The first one is free, all subsequent installments (Chapters) will be at the $2 level.

Happy Reading!



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